The key objectives of the Irish Concrete Federation are as follows:

  • To professionally represent our members individually and collectively.

  • To develop and maintain positive contacts with Government Departments and Agencies, Semi-State Bodies, Professional and Trade organisations and other stakeholder organisations to ensure that the interests of members are promoted to the greatest possible extent.

  • To act as spokesperson for our members and the industry.

  • To influence National and European legislation which may affect the commercial interest of the aggregates and concrete products industry.

  • To provide professional advice and services to members in areas such as Technical Services, Health & Safety, Planning & the Environment, Marketing, Industrial Relations etc.

  • To disseminate amongst our members information on issues and developments which affect them.

  • To co-operate, assist, act in conjunction with, amalgamate or affiliate with, or subscribe to any association, federation, institution or other organisation as agreed upon by the Federation or its Council.