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    ICF members participating in Spring Quarry Safety Campaign 2021

The Health and Safety Authority (HSA) and the Irish Concrete Federation (ICF) are jointly supporting “Spring Quarry Safety Campaign 2021″which will take place from Monday 1st – Friday 12th March 2021.

The theme of the campaign is “Vehicle and Pedestrian Safety in Quarries”.

During the campaign, the HSA will be conducting quarry inspections, focussing on Vehicle and Pedestrian Safety and the HSA and ICF will present a series of online briefings for management, supervisors and safety officers on topical issues related to vehicle and pedestrian.

Irish Concrete Federation Chief Executive Gerry Farrell said “Notwithstanding the massive challenges presented by COVID-19, it is critical that our members remain focused on the fundamental safety risks associated with quarrying which have not reduced during the pandemic. Therefore we greatly welcome the active support of the HSA for this campaign with its focus on vehicle and pedestrian safety in quarries.”

In support of the “Spring Quarry Safety Campaign”, ICF members will be making commitments to carry out proactive safety measures in vehicle and pedestrian safety, some of which are highlighted below.

ICF will also be using the hashtag #BESEENANDBESAFE on ICF social media platforms throughout the campaign.

Spring Quarry Safety Campaign 2021 Updates

To download the briefing on Traffic Management Plans by Paul Maslin, ICCM/ICF, click here.

To download the briefing on Brake Testing/Lifting Equipment Safety/ All Round Vision by Clive Kelly, Clive Kelly Safety, click here.

To download the Health and Safety Authority briefing presentation on Vehicle and Pedestrian Safety click here.

To download the Health and Safety Authority briefing presentation on Pedestrian Safety click here.

To download the Health and Safety Authority Pre-Campaign briefing presentation click here.

The Health and Safety Authority have published a press release for the ICF/HSA Spring Quarry Safety Campaign 2021, to read the press release click here.

Spring Quarry Safety Campaign 2021 Pledges

For Spring Quarry Safety Campaign 2021, our focus is on: the person, the machine, the environment.”

Eddie Mulgrew - Group Health and Safety Manager, Kilsaran International

“Irish Industrial Explosives look forward to promoting vehicle and pedestrian safety in quarries throughout its work force.”

Dennis Byrne - EHS Officer, Irish Industrial Explosives

“With most of the focus on COVID in recent months we are going to take advantage of the Spring Quarry Safety Campaign to refresh our safety procedures. Firstly we will review and update our Traffic Management System as necessary. We will also carry out toolbox talks on a range of subjects including, Identifying Significant Hazards, Inflation of Quarry Vehicle Tyres, Brake Testing and Maintenance as well as other topics.”

Aengus Burke - Booth Concrete

“This Spring for Quarry Safety Campaign 2021, at Shay Murtagh Precast we will consult and engage with our team on all matters of health and safety.  In particular this year and the challenges C-19 has brought we will have particular focus on Mental Health.  Additionally there are safety compliance audits, tool box talks, pedestrian and vehicle safety and our traffic management plan. The Shay Murtagh Precast Values are a cornerstone to our Health and Safety charter.  These values include, continuous improvement, being professional and responsible, customer focused and empowering our team all of which every day improve our health and safety culturally.   Health & Safety is critical to our business environment, we want everyone to return home safe each day.  We look forward to the campaign and continuing to build on safety in the workplace to keep that mission of home safe each day.”

David Whyte - Group Environmental, Health & Safety Manager, Shay Murtagh Precast

“We plan to review and update all our Quarry traffic management plans & carry out tool box talks on the revised plans”

Emma Murphy - Health and Safety Manager, Harrington Concrete

“For Spring Quarry Safety Campaign 2021 , Cannon Concrete are reviewing our Traffic Management Plan with particular emphasis on Pedestrian Safety”

Tom Molloy - Cannon Concrete

“For Spring Quarry Safety Campaign 2021 Wrights aims to audit our current traffic management plan and will also focus on reviewing our current pedestrian routes and safety signage around our production plants.”

Ian Hall - Health & Safety / Environmental Officer, Wright Quarry Products Limited

“In line with a special focus on pedestrian safety during this Spring Quarry Safety Campaign, Hanlon Concrete will provide a new pedestrian crossing for employees from the canteen to the yard, and will develop a new site orientation document for all cash sale and walk-in customers”.

David Kelly - Operations Manager, Hanlon Concrete

Roadstone Ltd will have designated daily brake check areas in place at the quarry locations in advance of the Spring Quarry Safety Campaign 2021.” 

Cormac McCarthy - Health and Safety Manager, Roadstone

To review all camera operations on our fleet to ensure they are clean, working and installed in the correct places.”

Cillian Casey - EHS & Transport, Keohane Readymix

“For Spring Quarry Safety Campaign Irish Cement Limerick will review our Traffic Management System based on the theme of the campaign “Vehicle and Pedestrian Safety in Quarries”. We will increase signage and carry out toolbox talks on vehicle safety in quarries. Irish Cement Platin Quarry will focus on controlling and restriction quarry access and improving pedestrian segregation.

Ger Reidy - Health & Safety Manager, Irish Cement

“For the Spring Quarry Safety Campaign 2021 McGraths Limestone (Cong) Ltd. will review our Quarry Traffic Management System. We will audit the effectiveness of Hi-Visibility clothing being worn on site and we will carry out a range of toolbox talks with employees on Vehicle and Pedestrian Safety.”

Nicky Mulchrone - Health and Safety Officer, McGraths Cong, Co. Mayo

“For Spring Quarry Safety Campaign 2021 Floods will review the traffic management plans for each location and implement any new controls identified, review the small collections from our locations, implement any changes identified, review our COVID procedures and carry out spot checks on the isolation of  our crushers/mixers/conveyors etc during maintenance/cleaning works.”

Vincent Flanagan - BD Flood

“For the Spring Quarry Safety Campaign 2021 Kellys of Fantane will be reviewing our traffic management plans in the quarries and we will also review the use of our casual customer loading areas and any changes made will be communicated to our staff via Toolbox Talks”.

Paul Conway - Health and Safety Manager, Kellys of Fantane

“For the Spring Quarry Campaign 2021  we have visited the quarries on the 23/02/2021, carried out assessments related to pedestrian and vehicle plans. We intend to improve these and have already commissioned some signage to aid in this initiative. We have involved each manager in this process and completed the vehicle and pedestrian check sheet. We intend to introduce the traffic and pedestrian plans throughout our facilities both in the quarries and our production plants. Those improvements will be brought to all those concerned through tool box talks, SOP and site signage”.

Paul Clarke - Health and Safety Manager, O'Reilly Concrete

At Banagher Precast Concrete Ltd. we started Spring Quarry Safety Campaign this week with a full traffic management review of our quarry and how better we could protect our operators & customers when on site. Our Managing Director, Brendan Mahon & our H&S Manager, Jamie Barrett reviewed the quarry traffic management flow and looked at the designated loading areas for customers along with one of our senior operators in the quarry. With Covid-19 giving rise to serious challenges over the past 12 months, we have invested in Antigen Testing and are testing all our staff at least once a month to ensure their health, along with the health of their colleagues. All visitors to the factory are also required to submit to an Antigen test before entering. Tool box talks will be carried out with the quarry and factory staff to ensure continued compliance to site rules. Our aim at Banagher Precast Concrete is to ensure everyone goes home the way they came to work, fit and healthy.”

Jamie Barrett - Health and Safety Manager, Banagher Precast Concrete Ltd.

Useful Publications

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