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Aggregates and Concrete in Infrastructure

In September 2015, the Government announced the Capital Investment Plan 2016-2021 which was the Government’s new programme aims to provide for major infrastructure projects worth €27 billion up to 2021. The capital programme aims to provide for major infrastructure projects, including investment in public transport, road upgrades, new bridges, new primary and secondary schools, higher education facilities, on- farm investment, new hospitals and rehabilitation units, new primary care centres, new social housing, renewable energy, flood mitigation defences, new Garda headquarters and stations, new courthouses, upgraded prisons, new cultural centres, new sports facilities, new cultural and commemorative facilities and energy infrastructure.

Aggregates and concrete will continue to be the key building materials which will turn the ambitions stated in the capital investment plan into reality. Aggregates and concrete enable safe, affordable and resilient housing and infrastructure and provide the necessary foundation for a safe and resilient built environment, as well as solutions to societal challenges such as those induced by increasing urbanisation.

Affordability, flexibility and energy efficiency make concrete a material of choice for infrastructure such as hospitals, schools, public buildings and transport infrastructure. Concrete can be cast into virtually any shape or form, which allows for design freedom and an almost infinite variety of applications.

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