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Concrete Homes are Better Built Homes

Concrete is present in almost every home in Ireland. It’s strength, durability, fire resistance, sound insulation and water resistant qualities make it ideal for foundations, floors, external walls, party walls between houses, internal partitions, roof tiles and more. Concrete built houses use materials sourced and worked locally – most frequently within 30km of the site. Concrete materials are manufactured without environmentally damaging preservatives and at the end of a long life can be recycled as inert filling material under floor slabs, roads and around underground services.

Poured concrete, precast concrete wall panels, precast concrete floor slabs, concrete blocks and aerated concrete blocks, lintels and sills, concrete roof tiles and fibre -cement slates, concrete paving and cement-based external and internal plasters are the essential components of Ireland’s homes not just for today but for the future.

Some of the key advantages of concrete homes are as follows:

  • Concrete’s STRENGTH and DURABILITY means that today’s houses and apartments can stand for centuries to come, with minimum maintenance.

  • Concrete’s THERMAL MASS enables it to absorb and store heat, producing a comfortable environment and avoiding unwanted temperature swings. Modern, well insulated concrete homes are highly ENERGY EFFICIENT, minimising the effects on the environment and making a positive contribution to the challenge of climate change.

  • Concrete homes are easily ADAPTABLE. The internal layout can be easily changed to accommodate any design.

  • Concrete is FIRE RESISTANT and NON-COMBUSTIBLE. In the event of fire, concrete built homes retain their structural stability and will be less costly to repair.

  • Concrete homes can be designed to be WATER RESILIANT and concrete does not warp, rust or rot. Concrete homes are less affected by flooding or by leaks from tanks or water pipes.

  • Concrete has excellent SOUND INSULATION properties. Concrete walls and floors absorb sound and vibration.

  • Concrete walls between adjoining properties offer high levels of SECURITY and peace of mind to property owners.

  • Concrete is both FUNCTIONAL and AESTHETIC. It can be used to build homes that are functional or grand designs which are complex and elegant.

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